Who we are

We are God’s chosen people and New Men in Christ, we are a loving family, a people aware of our calling and election to serve in the glorious Kingdom of God, a people longing eagerly for the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are led by the spirit of God through the power of His Word (Bible) and so we are called the sons of God. Love is our motto, we are prepared to give our lives for the sake of our brethren. Jesus is our key to open a right relationship with our Father God. We so much love Jesus because He is the amended Bridge that leads to God and on this Bridge we shall make our cross over to spend all eternity with our Father God.

We fully know that Jesus shared His Blood for all mankind to be saved from the coming wrath of God, and if you believe this testimony too, you are welcome to be grafted into the Body of Christ. Come and join this lovely family and enjoy the tremendous gift of Salvation. This is the time to make your decision; Salvation is now, tomorrow might be too late. Our doors and arms are always open to receive you in the family with love.

God truly bless  you.